Chez Joe: Reformer-Mat-Tower Group Classes

Full studio workout the way Joe Pilates intended it! This class starts on the Pilates Reformer, and then moves on to the Matwork, finally finishing with the springs of the tower; the repertoire of exercises originally conceived on the Pilates “Cadillac”, thus utilizing the full studio, the way Joe Pilates intended.

Chez-Joe: Reformer-Mat-Tower Group Classes

(50 minutes)

  • Requires instructor approval
  • No modifications
  • No movement restrictions
  • Proficient at Gratz/Controllogy Reformer set-ups, transitions and safety

Reserve private one-on-one workouts with one of our fully-certified instructors and mention to them that you are looking to be approved for the Chez-Joe group classes.

If you are already approved, log in to see availability! If you don’t see availability, email us, include the name of the instructor who authorized you for this class.

Fully Certified Instructor Rates

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  • Packages are valid for one year.
  • Non-refundable after 90 days.
  • Prices don’t include GST and QST.

Real Pilates Trainee Rates

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Fall 2024

  • Only available during the Teacher Training Period.
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  • Please note the studio’s 24-hour cancellation policy.