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Why did I start this map of Classical Pilates Studios?

It’s always been a dream to travel and learn from the best Classical Pilates Instructors around the world!
On a more practical note, I often get requests for recommendations of where to train in another city from clients who are traveling and want to get some Pilates in while they are away. I’ve always thought that a Classical Pilates Studio Finder would be useful, so I made one. 
I hope it helps you find more amazing Pilates! 🙂
– Denes Dreisziger

This is by no means a full list, If you know a good classical Pilates studio you would like to add to this list, let me know! But it must be a fully equipped studio with great classically trained instructors.
You can also use the form below to help us update the map (ex. if a studio is permanently closed, etc.)

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