Mat-Tower Group Classes

Experience the power of Classical Pilates with the Gratz Mat-Tower. You will work your ‘Powerhouse’ intensely for the full 45 minutes! 

Mat-Tower Group Classes

(45 minutes)

What makes group classes at Espace Pilates so awesome? The team of instructors trained with Alycea’s Ungaro’s world-leading approach to teaching Pilates, and the Gratz apparatus, considered the reference in Pilates equipment; that’s what goes into making these group classes transcend your expectations of a Pilates workout. Your concentration and sweat also help 😉

If you presently have injuries, restrictions or health conditions please reserve a private one-on-one workout with one of our fully-certified instructors. Group classes require full participation and are not adaptable to specific requirements or modifications.

Book Group Classes with Certified Instructors Group Classes with Trainees – July 2024

Fully Certified Instructor Rates

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  • Packages are valid for one year.
  • Non-refundable after 90 days.
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Real Pilates Trainee Rates

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July 2024

  • Only available during the Teacher Training Period.
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  • Please note the studio’s 24-hour cancellation policy.