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Are You New to Pilates or New to Espace Pilates?

We have three new client options for you to choose from. Follow the easy steps below to book your first session at Espace Pilates in Montreal.

Step 1. Choose Your Preferred Sessions

Option 1

Start with Private Sessions

3 Private Sessions with a Certified Instructor

Buy your package here and then proceed to step 2 below to schedule your appointments.


The perfect way to begin your Pilates journey. If you’re new to Pilates, you’ll learn the fundamental principles of the method, as well as your apparatus setups, transitions from one exercise to the next, and safety, so you’ll be able to confidently take your workouts to the next level, whether that is the power of privates, the challenge of semi-privates with a friend, or the community of group classes, or better yet, a mix of the three!

Buy the Discovery Pilates Private 3-Pack
Option 2

Start with Group Classes

1 Mat-Tower Group Class


/Certified Instructor

Discover our Mat-Tower Group Classes with the power of Pilates Springs. Start with one, and then buy a 10-pack.  Make it part of your weekly schedule and you’ll feel the difference!

Option 3

Start with Trainee Privates

1 Private Session

Available during Teacher Training Cycle only

The full experience of the private session on all apparatus. Trainees must successfully complete their first-level test-out to be on the schedule. Note, if you have injuries or restrictions please book with one of our fully certified instructors instead.

Step 2. Schedule Your Pilates Sessions

Use our online scheduling platform to book your private sessions or group classes. If you would like a package, please buy it first using the links above, and then return here to reserve your appointments.

Step 3. Consistency

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

– Joseph Pilates

Step 3 is consistency; practice pilates weekly and build the experience of Joy in movement.

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